Lending Collection

The Honolulu Museum of Art Lending Collection provides educators with objects to engage students across subjects and grade levels. It houses thousands of tangible, portable examples of artifacts and objects from regions across the world, including Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

It is a free resource for educators on O‘ahu and the neighbor islands.

The Lending Collection is located in the basement of the Honolulu Museum of Art School at 1111 Victoria St., between Young and Beretania streets.

Walk-ins welcome: 
Wednesdays 11:30am-6pm
Thursdays 2-6pm
Saturdays 8am-5pm

The collection will be closed on the following days:
June 19-20
July 10-13

Free parking is available for Lending Collection visitors upon request in advance.
Parking fee cannot be waived if you do not make your request in advance.

For appointments and advance free-parking requests:
Contact Dawn Sueoka at dsueoka@honolulumuseum.org, or 532-8736

Who may borrow:
• Public school teachers
• Private school teachers
• Pre-school teachers
• Homeschool teachers
• University instructors
• Librarians
• Coordinators for non-profit organizations and other cultural/artistic community projects

Loan terms:
Educators may select 12 artifacts or request a pre-packaged loan box to borrow for up to two weeks for in-classroom use.

Neighbor-island loans:
The Lending Collection will ship objects to educators on the neighbor islands provided that the objects will be used by at least two classes.

Objects available:
Historically, culturally, and artistically significant tools, ceramics, clothing, currency, dolls, fiber arts, furniture, jewelry, masks, musical instruments, puppets, sculptures, textiles, baskets, toys, art reproductions, and more.

Lessons supported:
• Appreciating the cultures and histories of our diverse communities
• Asking questions and drawing conclusions based on observation
• Engaging in historical inquiry
• Engaging in place-based learning
• Investigating the movement of people, goods, and ideas
and more!